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T-Trade Linerless Solutions The Future of the Printing
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GT ONE The First Thermal Transfer Printers Linerless for GDO and Industry

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TT-PS 200 Talking Box

TT-PS200 is a printer-sealer with a unique technology in the world, which is patented by T-TRADE.
With TT-PS200 the taping unit and the labeling unit are together in a single solution, so that the packaging line is shortened with economic benefits, related to space and logistic saving.
When the case is sealed with the adhesive tape, two labels are visible on two sides, as well as the description on the top. This gives a huge advantage to logistics for the management and traceability of the box.
TT-PS 200 The Talking Box

Soluzioni di stampa

Printing Solutions
• Production of proprietary solutions for the packaging and labeling industry patented internationally
• Complete range of logistic systems for the recognition (reading and labeling) in each business sector, production lines including:
Trade and Transfer 'Bar Code Authorised Reseller of Datalogic and Honeywell.
• Distribution and marketing of major brands of printing systems and industrial labeling, especially Distributor
preferred brand CAB for the Italian market.
• T-Trade rental: leases of turnkey solutions (hardware software consumables and technical assistance) of printing systems
and industrial labeling based on the cost of copying and obtaining the best cost of ownership (Total Cost of Ownership) for the customer.
• services of highly specialized technical advice to assist the customer in the selection operation, illustrating a wide range of solutions
• Technical support services highly specialized on all our products and most brands on the market
• Service contracts for scheduled maintenance service contracts or simply call
• Stage technical training