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GT ONE The First Thermal Transfer Printers Linerless for GDO and Industry

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TT-PS 200 Talking Box

TT-PS200 is a printer-sealer with a unique technology in the world, which is patented by T-TRADE.
With TT-PS200 the taping unit and the labeling unit are together in a single solution, so that the packaging line is shortened with economic benefits, related to space and logistic saving.
When the case is sealed with the adhesive tape, two labels are visible on two sides, as well as the description on the top. This gives a huge advantage to logistics for the management and traceability of the box.
TT-PS 200 The Talking Box

Nastri a trasferimento Termico

Thermal Transfer Ribbons
Wax for standard applications: is an economical identification solution dedicated for «flat head» can be used on a wide range of label materials and is suitable for both vellum and coated papers.recognised as being exceptionally sensitive and densely black.The quality of the backcoating gives excellent protection to the print head.
Different versions are available to ensure optimum ink transfer at lowest energy.good resistance to smudge.unbeatable printing quality and performance for all-purpose marking and imprinting.
Easy-to-use, no printer adjustments for most label formats
Improve productivity with faster print speeds
Prints at low heat settings
Higher durability of the printed image
Shipping, Warehousing, and Receiving
Shelf/Bin Tags
Retail Tags
Apparel Ticketing
Compliance Labels
Food Packaging
Date/Lot Coding

Wax – Resin for multi-purpose uses: The main features range are the high quality of its performances and its wide field of applications.excellent results on coated papers and synthetics (PE, PP, PET…).good resistance to smudge, is capable of printing barcodes at 90° and has sharp definition.exceptional quality of its backcoating, which gives good protection to the print head.
higher durability images that can withstand rough handling, abrasion, occasional chemical exposure or outdoor elements.
Recommended for glossy stocks 
Good durability UL recognized on some stocks
 Chemical Drums

Resin for demanding applications are intended for extremely demanding applications made up of high technology products that are particularly recommended for synthetic label materials (PE, PP, PET). highly resistant to smudge, resistant to high temperature, to solvents and to some detergents.
Suitable for specific applications (printing on textiles for example).provide maximum durability, with the highest level of resistance to abrasion, heat, steam, and various chemicals. Excellent print quality on high-end films Uses less printer
energy for imaging

Near Edge thermal transfer ribbons offer outstanding performance
at high print speeds, yielding exceptional print quality and image
durability. The range provides:
 Fast print speeds - up to 24 ips
 Exceptionally black images with zero show through
 Prints on a wide range of paper and film stocks
 Wax/Resin formula provides good resistance to abrasion
 Specially developed for Near Edge printers like TEC, Novexx,Avery, Markem, and Videojet
 Flexible Packaging
 Date/Lot Coding
 Print and Apply
 Retail Tagging

Color can be a powerful tool when combined with thermal transfer printing. Printing color tags and labels assure quick visual recognition for coding, stocking, tracking, or retrieving merchandise.
Assures quick visual recognition for coding, stocking, tracking, or retrieving merchandise
Available in 30 process and spot colors
For both flathead and near edge printers
Various levels of durability
Color Coding
Inventory Tracking
Short-Run Prime Labels
Item Matching
Flexible Packaging

Security ribbons are a highly customizable, low-cost method of delivering additional layers of security for brand protection and product authentication. By utilizing existing printers, it's easy to add covert security features via thermal tranfer with minimal investment.
• Any image can be printed with UV Invisible thermal transfer ribbons. Messages, logos and bar codes not readily apparent
when printed on a label will flare with bright fluorescence under standard ultraviolet light, uncovering the image.
• Applications:
– Brand Protection
– Authentication
– Track and Trace
– Anti-Counterfeiting


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