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T-Trade Linerless Solutions The Future of the Printing
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GT ONE The First Thermal Transfer Printers Linerless for GDO and Industry

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TT-PS 200 Talking Box

TT-PS200 is a printer-sealer with a unique technology in the world, which is patented by T-TRADE.
With TT-PS200 the taping unit and the labeling unit are together in a single solution, so that the packaging line is shortened with economic benefits, related to space and logistic saving.
When the case is sealed with the adhesive tape, two labels are visible on two sides, as well as the description on the top. This gives a huge advantage to logistics for the management and traceability of the box.
TT-PS 200 The Talking Box

La nostra storia

Our History

2005 Transfer Trade was founded in Padova thanks to a twenty years experience gained by its founders in the field of barcoding and product traceability
2008 Trade Transfer Thermal Transfer Ribbon India Private Limited in Mumbai to meet the needs of emerging Asian markets, for both direct and indirect channel.

2009 Transfer Trade Engineering a company dedicated to the research and development of technological innovations like the two solutions of printing systems for the packaging and labeling covered by 8 international patents

2010 acquisition of Baltea SpA, a subsidiary of Olivetti, the only company in the production of thermal transfer ribbons in Italy and one of the largest in the world (the company in the past had reached 800 employees).
With Baltea Transfer Trade acquires dozens of specific machinery for the processing of the transfer ribbon that added to the already existing equipment positioned us as the most structured company in the European industry.

2011 opening of the branch operations and production of Monsano

2012 start of the production of self-adhesive labels RFID (Milan)

2012 One Code USA Corporation Sales subsidiary was established based in New York.

2014 born Print Industry