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T-Trade Linerless Solutions The Future of the Printing
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GT ONE The First Thermal Transfer Printers Linerless for GDO and Industry

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TT-PS 200 Talking Box

TT-PS200 is a printer-sealer with a unique technology in the world, which is patented by T-TRADE.
With TT-PS200 the taping unit and the labeling unit are together in a single solution, so that the packaging line is shortened with economic benefits, related to space and logistic saving.
When the case is sealed with the adhesive tape, two labels are visible on two sides, as well as the description on the top. This gives a huge advantage to logistics for the management and traceability of the box.
TT-PS 200 The Talking Box

I Valori condivisi di T-Trade

Transfer Trade’s daily actions are based on four strong values:

Being a “people company “
Customer orientation

A people company Transfer Trade is developing a management style based on trust and team building, conducting company relations in a respectful and constructive atmosphere. Each employee has the opportunity to be a part of progress and change. We want to be socially responsible and to build a company with a human face, by making sure that our actions reflect our convictions.

Customer orientation We are always committed to give customers the services they require and to listen to their needs. We want our customers to feel they are special. Throughout the world, they can rely on our enthusiastic and responsive teams for whom customer satisfaction is the main objective.

Innovation Innovation will safeguard the company’s future. We have chosen to adopt a long-term vision by focusing our R&D efforts on developing technologies to meet the challenges of the future, with new products and markets which are environmentally friendly and protect the planet. 

Commitment We do our best to perform with excellence. We want everyone to share a single guiding objective: to be amongst the very best in all our business activities ! We are committed to a collective "Can-Do" spirit and to enabling each individual to develop their full potential within the company, and to ensure that people are proud to work for Transfer Trade