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GT ONE The First Thermal Transfer Printers Linerless for GDO and Industry

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TT-PS 200 Talking Box

TT-PS200 is a printer-sealer with a unique technology in the world, which is patented by T-TRADE.
With TT-PS200 the taping unit and the labeling unit are together in a single solution, so that the packaging line is shortened with economic benefits, related to space and logistic saving.
When the case is sealed with the adhesive tape, two labels are visible on two sides, as well as the description on the top. This gives a huge advantage to logistics for the management and traceability of the box.
TT-PS 200 The Talking Box


We manufacture a wide range of labels : vellum, coated paper uncoated paper PLP, Pet PLC etc.
Our manufacturing flexibility allows us to offer short-run, high-volume, customized or standard products.
Our equipment is optimized for quick changeover and scalability. We are committed to continuous improvement and operation excellence.
The flexibility we've built into our manufacturing process provides you with products that not only perform as required, but also give you a strategic competitive edge.
It’s our commitment to continue to work with our customer and suppliers to support sustainability initiatives by:
Developing enviro-friendly products which utilize environmentally-friendly materials and water-based adhesives
Reviewing packaging options to minimize waste
Focusing on the re-use of pallets and packaging supplies
Being active in raw material recycling programs
Reduce consumption of paper
Reduce utility consumption (electric, gas, water)
Reduce the use of packaging materials
Increase opportunities for the re-use of manufacturing supplies in-house and between suppliers and customers.